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SAM-e the "Supernutrient"


Back in the 1990’s SAM-e was popular as an antidepressant and energizer. Although its effectiveness may have been overstated, the fact remains that SAM-e can be a very important nutritional supplement for a lot of mental health issues, anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression.   SAM-e, which was first discovered in the 1950’s, is involved in the production of the stress management hormone serotonin and the pleasure and reward brain chemical dopamine.

SAM-e, a derivative of the amino acid methionine, is a vital bio-chemical that’s involved in the healthy functioning of the brain and the nervous system.  SAM-e is also required for helping keep the insulation of nerves resilient and intact.  This insulation which is called myelin is required for keeping the conduction of electrical energy flowing smoothly.  Movement disorders, neuropathies, paralysis, impaired vision, numbness, muscle weakness, difficulties with speech or with hearing, even incontinence and weak bladder control can all be examples of health issues that can be associated with myelin defects.  SAM-e is made in the body so it’s not really technically “essential” but rather it is said to be “conditionally essential”.  That basically means you don’t absolutely have to be ingesting it on a regular basis, but doing so might not be a bad idea! 

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AUDIO: The Original Dead Doctors Don't Lie Lecture


Dr. Joel Wallach, has been the entry point into a world of optimum, sustainable health for millions of health conscious people. Dr. Wallach, author, lecturer, renown nutritionist, clinician, researcher and pathologist, draws on the lessons of his unique professional career to explain the importance of full spectrum colloidal mineral supplementation and self-help strategies If issues of longevity, peak fitness and life potential matter to you, consider this tape a must.

AUDIO: Dr. Joel Wallach on Coast to Coast AM, Dec 17th 2013

Dr. Joel Wallach

Hour 1

Dr. Joel Wallach reacted to the recent study which claims that vitamins provide no memory or heart benefits. He decried the lack of specific details on the study which dismiss vitamins and declared that the articles about the research "don't even rise to the level of comic books." He also noted that the study is particularly suspicious because it was funded by the drug company Pfizer. "Every function in your body has vitamins and minerals that are required to make them happen," he said, "and so for doctors to say that vitamins and minerals have no positive effects on these things is absolutely deceitful."

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