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Brain Waves


The brain is an electrical generator endlessly producing and emitting streams of energy. And no mere random chaotic emanations of energy are these.

Rather, they are more akin to the organized flow of water on the on the surface of the ocean. Scientists actually refer to the movements as waves. They measure their motion and patterns on a device called an EEG (electroencephalogram).

Like all waves, the ones produced by the brain ebb and flow. Electrical bursts “fire” and then cease firing, essentially blinking on and off. The amount of times a burst of brain electricity and its subsequent cessation, turn on and off in every second is called a “cycle” and is measured as “cycles-per-second” (CPS). The number of cycles-per-second is referred to as the “frequency”. One that fires and stops firing, or cycles once a second, is said to have a frequency of one. If flow and ebb occur twice a second the frequency would be 2, three flows and ebbs, or “cycles-per-second” would have a frequency of 3 and so on.

The energy emitted by the brain ebbs and flows at various frequencies throughout the day and ranges from a slumberous 1 to a frenzied 100 CPS. Researchers divide this range into five categories, each associated with its own characteristic subjective qualities.

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Beta Blockers


There are a lot of bad drugs out there. Calcium channel blockers can prevent cells from using calcium, an important nerve conducting mineral. Not good! Steroid drugs, like prednisone, suppress the immune system, making the body more susceptible to infections. They also suppress growth, repair and can accelerate the development of degenerative disease. Antibiotics impair gut health, diuretics induce the loss of precious minerals, like zinc, selenium and magnesium. Anti-osteoporosis drugs like Fosamax and Boniva can cause a horrible jaw affliction called osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ), which is basically a rapid decay and death of the jawbone. According to lawyers for ONJ victims, the potential connection of incidences of the jawbone disease to the use of these types of drugs was not unknown to manufacturers of the medications, who are currently being targeted by a class action investigation, as well as multiple individual injury lawsuits.

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Brain Peptides


Human beings love to be stoned. Despite police and prison and pecuniary penalties, the human intoxication impulse is apparently insatiable. And, as it turns out, there’s a biochemical basis to our brain’s desires for deliriousness.

In many ways human neurology is literally hardwired to be high. For example, our brains make chemicals called peptides that activate the same cells that marijuana does. Essentially, we make our own pot. We’re all literally pot heads.

And that’s not all. Our brains make peptides that activate the same cells as amphetamine and cocaine too. In other word, in addition to making our own marijuana we make our coke and speed. We make our own valium and Vicodin too. Endogenous human peptides it seems are also behind lots of drug effects and drug addictions.

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