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Aldosterone, Salt & Adrenal Fatigue


If you’re gaining weight, feeling dizzy when you stand up, craving salt or not falling asleep even though you’re tired, you may be dealing with a health challenge both alternative and mainstream practitioners call “Adrenal Fatigue” (AF). You would be in good company. Although it’s impossible to know the full impact and incidence of the crisis, according to Dr. Kerry Saucer writing in the book “Exhausted & Drained? It's NOT Just in Your Brain”, estimates are that millions of Americans suffer some degree of AF.

The adrenal glands, two tiny pieces of tissue sitting atop the kidneys (renals) play an especially significant role in maintaining the movement of fluid through the circulatory system and can be thought of as a center for blood pressure monitoring and control. They accomplish this important job by constantly monitoring blood oxygen and carbon dioxide. When the former drops and the latter builds up, a hormone called “aldosterone” is secreted. In response, blood pressure (or the force of movement through the circulatory vessels) is adjusted, redirecting blood flow to the legs and arms and away from the skin, digestive and excretory systems.

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Dr. Wallach's Ten Bad Foods (and Good Foods)

Ten Bad Foods

Ten Bad Foods

Below are recommendations from Dr. Joel Wallach that everybody should limit or ELIMINATE from their diet.

  1. Wheat
  2. Barley
  3. Rye
  4. Oats, Oatmeal – even if it says that it’s gluten free.
  5. Fried Food – nothing fried! You should boil, broil or bake and never more than medium rare for red meat.
  6. Oils – Oils oxidize when they come into contact with the air (become rancid). Since almost all oil is continually exposed to some air from the time it is produced, the process of oxidation has begun in even the freshest oil. These oxidized oils cause inflammation and cell damage. (Youngevity's essential oils are injected into the gel caps surrounded by nitrogen to prevent oxidation.)
  7. Well done red meat (IE No burned fats) – (rare or medium-rare is ok!) If you grill your food, try to have something between the food and the fire (like aluminium foil) so the juice doesn’t drip onto the flame and deposit dangerous things on the meat.
  8. Any nitrates added to meat – (ie: deli meats) tell your butcher NO NITRATES or NITRITES!
  9. No carbonated drinks of any kind within one hour before, during or one hour after meals.
  10. Skin of a baked potato (or yam, or sweet potato). If you boil a potato, you can eat the skins.

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