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AUDIO: Pharmacist Ben Fuchs on Coast to Coast AM, November 25th 2015

Ben Fuchs

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Registered pharmacist Ben Fuchs discussed the latest in health information and natural approaches. Speaking of Thanksgiving, he spoke about gratitude as an important part of the spiritual, mental, and emotional strategies that can keep a person healthy. He also cited how relaxation (through simple things like taking a hot bath, or deep breathing) can improve one's skin and stimulate collagen production. "We have a high tech society, where we think it's about surgery, we think it's about...being medicated when it comes to health. Well, what has that gotten us? We've got hundreds of millions of people who are sick," he lamented.

Fuchs maintains that all diseases stem from a fouled bloodstream that is caused by substances that come in through the digestive tract, as well as nutritional deficiencies. A good supplement program can help counteract this, he said. Many diseases, he continued, are partially related to deficiencies in the B vitamins and he recommended taking them in liquid form which can be accessed more readily into the body. Type 2 Diabetes affects millions of Americans, and is a progressive disease that relates to how people process sugar, which includes starches such as bread. Fuchs suggested people "re-sensitize their sweet button" so they can consume less sugar and still be satisfied.

More News From The Vitamin D Front

Vitamin D

At the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology researchers announced the results of a European study which showed that Vitamin D deficiency is more common in patients with inflammatory diseases than in their healthier peers.

This follows on the heels of a second study, this one from Queen Margaret University in Scotland which showed that Vitamin D can help lower the risk of heart disease and also helps you exercise more strenuously, while at the same time reducing signs of exertion.

Even cats benefit from this important essential nutrient!

Veterinarians from the University of Edinburgh published research in the Journal of the Public Library of Science that showed hospitalized pet cats with higher blood levels of Vitamin D were more likely to be alive in 30 days than their kitty colleagues with the lowest levels.

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What Do I Take?

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