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AUDIO: Dr. Joel Wallach on Coast to Coast AM, July 16th 2015

Dr. Joel Wallach

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 Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the human body's innate ability to heal itself through natural means and various minerals and supplements. He contends that diseases and ailments are the result of dietary deficiencies, rather than due to genetic causes. "I'm trying to teach people to take care of themselves. In my book, Let's Play Doctor, I teach people how to do their own laboratory work," getting their own test strips for blood and urine, and then how to analyze the information, he shared. "If we keep depending on doctors and the insurance system, medical doctors will find a way to take every penny out of your insurance, and to treat you for 25 years, when there's a cure in three months," he remarked.

In one instance, a group of patients were being treated long term for macular degeneration by an ophthalmologist, who doubted that Wallach's treatments could make any difference in what he considered an age-related disease. So, as part of a wager, the eye doctor let Wallach treat 27 of his patients who were all considered legally blind. Wallach gave them specified supplements over a 90-day period, and at the end of the trial, all 27 could read 20-20, and the skeptical eye doctor became a convert, Wallach reported. People tend to have specific ailments because of the deficiencies in minerals/nutrients in their area-- for instance in the Great Lakes, locals have more thyroid problems, because there is low iodine in the region, he explained.

AUDIO: Pharmacist Ben Fuchs on Coast to Coast AM, June 30th 2015

Ben Fuchs

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Registered pharmacist and nutritionist Ben Fuchs offered analysis on the latest developments in health news, supplementation, and treatments. We live in a "corporatocracy" that places its profit margin above people's health, yet we can oversee our health ourselves in a rather simple manner, he remarked. "At the end of the day, all you need to understand is how to eat correctly, how to breathe correctly, how to drink correctly, and in the abstract sense, how to think correctly, how to feel correctly," and how to plug into the spiritual force that runs the universe," he outlined. For example, as an alternative to a medication for lowering blood pressure, one could use deep breathing techniques or a hot bath, Fuchs suggested.

Know Your Solar Rays: UvA, UvB and UvC


Our world is illuminated and energized from the light released by the sun streaming earthward in the form waves. Those light waves are similar to the movement of water in the ocean, except solar waves, originating 90 million miles away and taking about 8 minutes to get to Earth, take on distinct wavelengths. Three of those wavelengths, known as UvA, UvB and UvC are invisible and have been associated with the damaging, and sometimes deadly effects conventionally attributed to solar radiation.

UvC, the shortest of the three wavelengths, is associated with skin cancers and is considered to be the most dangerous, but (theoretically anyway) the earth’s atmosphere offers protection.

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Latin and Prescriptions


If you’re one of the hundreds of millions of Americans who've gotten a prescription this year, you probably noticed that the text was illegible. And not because of the doctor’s calligraphy. Even typewritten scripts are impossible to understand. That’s because they’re written in Latin. Hmm…now isn’t that interesting. Does your doctor or your pharmacist speak Latin? Probably not. So, what could possibly be the purpose of writing instructions and details for something as important, potent and very dangerous in an ancient language that is not only arcane and inscrutable, but that hasn’t even been spoken commonly for 2000 years?

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Yum!! Cholesterol, Eat Up!


Yum cholesterol, eat up! Despite the fact that for decades doctors have demonized cholesterol as a molecular monster, these days the conventional understanding has changed. Earlier this year the United Sates Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee reversed its longstanding words of wisdom about avoiding egg yolks, shrimp, lobster and other cholesterol containing foods, proclaiming that the much-maligned substance is “…no longer a nutrient of concern”. No longer a nutrient of concern? Great, it’s about time! But what’s missing from the lifting of the medical and social stigma associated with eating cholesterol-containing foods is some actual love for what the under-appreciated biochemical really is and what it does to keep the body healthy.

Cholesterol is an anabolic (building) chemical. It plays an important role in the production of the hormones of youth, fertility, and growth. Its mere presence tells the body that anti-aging and repair can proceed and its production is stimulated by stress and tissue breakdown, which, in just the right amount, functions as growth signals. This partially accounts for our societal tendency to have higher blood cholesterol levels than we actually need. Our cultural inclinations to long term chronic stress and degenerative diseases, along with high blood sugar and insulin (there’s a reason that diabetes and elevated blood cholesterol go hand-in-hand), not to mention the physiological burden of nutritional deficiencies, are the ultimate cause of elevated cholesterol and the real bad guys in the epic decades-long drama called “CHOLESTEROL-MANIA”.

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You may not have heard of it, but the term medicalization is so significant and relevant it has its own Wikipedia entry. Around since the 1970’s, the word applies to the process of regarding as much of human life as grist for the medical model mill as possible, to essentially control as much of human life as possible, using drugs and devises and doctors and medical procedures and make lots of lucre while doing it. It can be construed as a type of social manipulation that attempts to enforce and superimpose so-called standards and thereby “normalize” the wide ranging spectrum human activities which are, diverse, idiosyncratic and often based on nothing more than the unique nature of personal preference and individual biochemistry.

One of the problems with the medicalization of everyday life (that’s the title of a book of essays by the medical writer and psychiatrist Dr. Tomas Szaz) is the tendency for it to become disease mongering. At what point do we need to control all aspects of body and being such as health and the development of disease? At which point do regular mammograms and prostate exams and colonoscopies become excessive? And even worse, when does diagnosis like depression, ADD and Oppositional Defiance Order (which according to the psychiatry’s diagnostic bible, the DSM IV, is defined as “disobedient, hostile, and defiant behavior toward authority figures”) become oppressive?

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AUDIO: Dr. Joel Wallach on Coast to Coast AM, June 9th 2015

Dr. Joel Wallach

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Dr. Joel Wallach talked about the human body's innate ability to heal itself through natural means and supplementation. Wallach addressed what he considers to be one of the biggest myths in medicine today-- the idea that cholesterol is harmful. Cholesterol is an essential nutrient and necessary for many body processes, he said. The statin drugs prescribed to reduce "bad cholesterol" are actually associated with causing many ailments and diseases, such as Alzheimer's, early menopause, erectile dysfunction, and Type II diabetes, he claimed. "Alzheimer's disease did not exist until statin drugs came out," Wallach continued, adding that cholesterol is needed to maintain and repair brain function.

Speaking about chronic Lyme disease, he suggested that 85-90% of the people diagnosed with this condition don't actually have it, but have just tested positive for the antibodies, indicating that they were exposed to the bacteria at one time. Most of their symptoms can be treated by going on a gluten-free diet, and supplementing with essential nutrients, he offered. The biggest health issue for the western world is nutritional deficiencies, he argued. Even though this population gets plenty of calories and protein, their diet lacks various essential vitamins and minerals, which leads to disease and birth defects, he explained.

Repair Torn or Damaged Cartilage


At some point we all face sore knees, thumbs, fingers. hips. The list goes on. Over time the cartilage that buffers the bone in all of our joints wears down and inflammation sets in causing pain and discomfort. This can be debilitating for some. Good news. Many recent studies show that it is not only possible to regrow cartilage, but it can be done without poisonous drugs!

"For example, my doctors (I ended up seeing four specialists) left me deeply pessimistic about damaged knee cartilage ever getting better on its own. After listening to them, I would have guessed that healing of any kind occurred in one or two percent of patients -- at most.

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How Music Heals


The History of Sound Healing

Sound has been used as a healing force for thousands of years. All ancient civilizations used sound for healing. Traditional cultures still surviving today understand the remarkable healing power that lies in sound.

In the Bible we are told that David played his harp to lift King Saul's depression. Egyptian papyri over 2,600 years old refer to incantations as cures for infertility and rheumatic pain.

The ancient Greeks believed music had the power to heal body and soul. They used the flute and the lyre for treating illnesses such as gout and sciatica. It is reported that Alexander the Great's sanity was restored by music played on the lyre. There is an ancient Greek saying, 'Men have song as a physician for pain.'

Pythagoras used special songs and incantations with particular melodies and rhythms, to cure diseases of the body and mind.[1]

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health. The dictionary defines 'harmony' as 'congruity of parts to their whole or to one another'. 'Health' is defined as 'the state of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free of disease'.

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Collagen: Why You Need It & How To Get It


When most of us think collagen, we think skin and for good reason. Much of the dry weight of our cutaneous covering is composed of this resilient fibrous protein, which keeps skin firm, taut and youthfully plump. There’s not an adult female in America that doesn’t want more of it.

But collagen is much more than an anti-wrinkle fiber. It acts as a type of biological scaffolding that makes up a third of a typical body’s weight. Collagen tissue is matrix that gives support, shape and bulk to the internal viscera, which are embedded in collagen like fruit in a jello-mold. It is by far the most abundant protein in the body and a key component of eyes, bone, blood vessels, the digestive tract and teeth.

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Essential Vitamins for a Healthy Brain


These brain vitamins are key in helping improve your memory, focus and mood while guarding against mental and physical diseases. See if you’re deficient.

It’s nearly impossible to get brain-healthy nutrition from diet alone these days.

Stress, sugar, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, medications, and poor digestion are just some of the issues that increase your need for vitamins. 

There’s an abundance of evidence that taking the right vitamins can improve how well your brain works now … and protect it from mental decline in the future.

These brain vitamins can even make you happier and help you live longer. 

While all vitamins are required for optimal health and brain function, there are a few that stand out above the rest as being essential for a healthy brain.

And two of these have deficiency levels that have reached epidemic proportions! 

And they may just be the ones you are short on in your diet.

Vitamin C — The Most Popular Vitamin

Vitamin C is the most popular single vitamin supplement.

And for good reason. It’s safe, inexpensive, and there are few things this powerhouse vitamin can’t do! 

It’s widely taken to prevent, or at least minimize, the discomforts of the common cold.

It’s a natural antihistamine used by millions to reduce allergy symptoms.

Studies suggest it can help prevent both heart disease and cancer.

And, of course, it’s the cure for scurvy, a former scourge among sailors and pirates.

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Soil Depletion and its Affect on Our Health


“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

- Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner

“Sick soils mean sick plants, sick animals and sick people.”

Soil in the US has become depleted and deficient in nutrients. It has been known since 1936 that we are eating an empty harvest.

“Most of us today are suffering from certain dangerous diet deficiencies which cannot be remedied until the depleted soils from which our foods come are brought into proper mineral balance. The alarming fact is that foods, fruits and vegetables and grains, now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain needed minerals, are starving us - no matter how much of them we eat!”

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