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Chronic Degenerative Diseases and Digestion (Part 1)


Human beings around the world are sick and are getting sicker. We are immersed in a silent epidemic of chronic degenerative diseases (CDDs) that is gradually enveloping the planet’s population. According to the World Health Organization, from a projected total of 58 million worldwide deaths from all causes in 2009, it is estimated that CDDs, physical ailments whose course worsens over time, account for 38 million or over 60 percent.

Here in the United States, CDD’s impact on mortality is even more significant with 3 out of 4 deaths resulting from long term degenerative illnesses and nearly 50% of Americans having at least one. The elderly are especially susceptible; approximately 80% of all persons older than 65 years have at least one chronic condition, and 50% have at least two. And all that misery doesn’t come cheap. Of the nearly three trillion dollars Americans spend every year on health care, it is estimated that 75 percent of it can be attributed to the costs of chronic degenerative disease. That's over 2 trillion dollars!

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