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  • Food represents the most important chronic offending agent. Even good foods activate a defensive response scientists call “post prandial leukocytosis” (post meal white blood cells proliferation). The intestine is packed with responsive immune system cells that can initiate inflammatory chemistry. When activated chronically as a result of repeated ingestion of triggering foods, the net result can be a permanent inflammatory condition and a breakdown in the digestive lining or “Leaky Gut”.

    Once food particles sneak through the broken down intestinal barrier and enter into the circulation, a defensive reaction within the blood is initiated. The circulatory system is the sacred space of the body and kept secure by traveling immune system “scout” cells. When these cells spot an invader, a reaction is initiated that includes the formation of inflammatory factors. As these protective molecules proliferate and circulate and form complexes with food particles, eventually they contact various organs, ultimately resulting in the symptoms of disease.

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