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  • Eating is terrible, it’ll ultimately kill us. Oh I know, you have to eat or you’ll starve to death and perhaps that may be true. But that doesn’t dismiss the fact that how we eat today and how our bodies have evolved over the course of millions of years are as different as John Q. Public is from a caveman. And as far as going paleo, that’s a bunch of marketing gibberish. There’s little available in our modern food supply that our paleo ancestors would recognize. Does anyone think our prehistoric forbearers ate coconut flour or bacon?

    Yes, it’s true that prehistoric man, was omnivorous and would eat anything, even the dreaded carbs. A recent University of Chicago study suggests that starchy tubers were an important component of the paleolithic diet and critical for speeding up proto-human brain development. But whatever they ate, it was always wild and fresh. And there was a feast or famine aspect for much of our history.

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