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It has come to our attention that many of our fans enjoy the collective efforts of George Noory, Dr. Wallach, Ben Fuchs, Joanne Conaway and the Critical Health News Team, then go elsewhere to purchase their products. We are writing this short F.A.Q. to show that there is, in fact, no price benefit to going elsewhere and there are actually very good reasons to stay here and support our efforts.

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Dr. Wallach's products have two prices: Wholesale and Retail. The Retail price is 30% higher than the Wholsale price. All distributors of Dr. Wallach's products have the option to sell at the Wholesale price and almost all do in fact sell at the Wholesale price. All the products in our store are listed at the Wholesale price. When you see another distributors website offering 30% off for "Wholesale Pricing", they are really just offering you the products at the same price we and almost all distributors offer the products.

There is no additional charge to the customer to get Wholesale pricing. Some less than honest distributors offer "Wholesale Pricing" as a separate product.

Low Price Guarantee

Dr. Wallach's company has a policy for all product distributors stating that no one can sell their products for less than the Wholesale pricing. All distributors have the same low price. There is no cost benefit to shopping anywhere else.


There is no such thing as a discount Coupon. Some less than honest distributors offer a "Coupon" which ends up appearing to be worth 10 cents or so, but in actuality is not worth anything, because they have overcharged for shipping. Be very wary of anyone offering a Coupon. Since all distributors are required to sell Dr. Wallach's products no lower than the Wholesale rate, if you are offered a discount of any sort, you can be sure there is something dishonest going on.

Free Shipping

All distributors offer Free Shipping on Autoshipped orders over $99. The Free Shipping is not an additional product that needs to be purchased. You only need to select the autoship option when checking out. The free shipping is not applied to the initial order, but to the first Autoshipped order the following month.


Critical Health News uses a checkout process integrated directly with the companies purchasing process. As a result, your credit card information is handled with the highest PCI compliant security. Critical Health News does not store your credit card information. That information exists only in the companies secure PCI compliant system. Some distributors choose to store their customers credit card information, then manually enter your orders into the companies system. This creates an unknown security situation. If you purchase elsewhere, your credit card info may not be secure.

If you have a negative or dishonest experience with any distributor of Dr. Wallach's products, please report it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

George Noory

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What Do I Take?

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