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Rregistered pharmacist and nutritionist Benjamin Fuchs discussed nutritional and health supplements, and alternative approaches to many medical problems. Healing can occur instantaneously at the quantum level, he suggested, adding that basic nutrients, clean food, exercise and deep breathing were all important factors in maintaining good health. A loss of the sense of smell or olfactory issues can be associated with zinc deficiency, whereas vertigo typically is connected with some type of inflammation, he said.

Inflammation is the body's sign of a defensive response, and he advised looking at the foods you're eating, and figuring out which ones are causing digestive trouble. You can also do a fast/cleanse for 2-3 days, and "if you notice that your symptoms start to resolve, I guarantee that you've got something you're eating that's causing the problem," Fuchs remarked. He also praised chicken soup as having good anti-inflammatory qualities and other health benefits. When dealing with sprained muscles, he recommended magnesium, calcium, vitamins C & E, glucosamine, and digestive enzymes (which are also anti-inflammatory).

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What Do I Take?

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