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Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the human body, and its ability to benefit from natural supplements as opposed to the risky drugs prescribed by modern medicine. He contends that the vast majority of health problems are due to nutritional and mineral deficiencies because we cannot get the nutrients we need just from food anymore, and remarked that "you must supplement if you want to give your body a better chance." He says this is due to soil depletion and pesticides and chemicals used in food production.

Wallach believes that cholesterol has been historically demonized in an attempt to market vegetable oils and margarine as substitutes, which he believes are good for lubricating machines, but not as nutrition for a healthy life. He claims that a drop in cholesterol intake from dairy sources has caused Alzheimer’s disease to reach record proportions, and why he is finishing a book entitled "A Stick Of Butter A Day Keeps The Doctor Away." To protect against cancer, Wallach says that we need to stop eating processed meats, vegetable oils, and gluten, and supplement the diet with his products, such as the Healthy Brain And Heart Pack. He believes that "your best friend when you have cancer is your immune system" and anything that strengthens it will ultimately help, especially if the disease is diagnosed early.

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What Do I Take?

What Do I Take?

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