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Dr. Joanne Conaway, a practicing naturopath physician, shared what she believes are the most effective methods of restoring health, including how having a healthy gut and microbiome provides protection from infection, increased absorption, and the regulation of our metabolism. Speaking about the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes, she related it to a problem with processing carbohydrates. In some cases, the receptors on the cell membrane don't recognize insulin, and this issue is associated with the lack of the minerals chromium and vanadium, she cited. Joint pain can be connected to gluten sensitivities (gluten is found in such foods as bread, pasta, cakes, pies, ice cream, yogurt), and changes in diet can improve this condition, she continued.

Regarding Parkinson's disease, symptoms could possibly be lessened if you have an abundance of eggs, and essential fatty acids (EFAs) in your diet, she said. Responding to a caller that drank a lot of fresh orange juice, she suggested that he could be ingesting too many carbohydrates and sugars. Conaway also talked about different kinds of Vitamin C supplements, noting that the lipsomal type, which has a lipid bilayer, offers more of a progressive delivery into the system, which is gentler for the stomach.

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