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Naturopath physician Dr. Joanne Conaway discussed the latest in health information and the body's ability to use certain types of nutrition and supplements to recover from many ailments. People don't understand how detrimental many food choices are, and often have difficulty eating healthier, particularly around the holidays, she pointed out. For those that are used to eating fast foods but want to make a change, she suggested starting out by eating just half your order, and throwing the other half away, or immediately boxing it to eat the next day. Regarding the diagnosis of high blood pressure, before getting on medication, she advised having it checked at different times of the day. Healthy nutrition and digestion, and a calcium-magnesium supplement can also help reduce high blood pressure, she reported.

Conaway said that the pasteurization and homogenization process of products like milk can remove all the valuable nutrients. When it comes to lactose intolerance, people often get this because they don't have enough healthy bacteria in their digestive system, she continued. To determine if one has a specific food allergy, check your pulse before eating the given item. 20 minutes after eating, check your pulse again, and if the rate has gone up more than 10 beats per minute, that's a good indicator that you are allergic to the food item, she detailed.

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