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Registered pharmacist Ben Fuchs discussed the latest in health information and news, as well as natural remedies and supplements. Commenting on a new study that people with pets tended to be happier, he said that caring for something beside ourselves helps reduce stress, but we can apply the same principle in terms of the way we treat our bodies. He recounted working with a man suffering from cancer, offering him such tips as calorie restriction, and consuming bone broth soup, and two months later, the patient's disease went into spontaneous remission.

A slightly relaxed state for the body helps absorb energy more effectively, he suggested, and keeping the body in a more alkaline condition can improve health. Slow deep rhythmic breathing enhances alkalinity, he added. To aid in sleep, he advised taking a warm bath before bed, or such supplements as magnesium or tryptophan. For cooking, Fuchs recommended the use of butter, or coconut oil which is stable at higher heat and contains MCT, which may be useful in fighting diseases such as Alzheimer's.

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What Do I Take?

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