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Pharmacist Ben Fuchs at his best discussing a simple truth: "What you are diagnosed with is not the problem in terms of reversing your health issue. Medical diagnosis are conveniences that doctors use to explain symptomatology. And we get obsessed with symptomatology and end up marginalizing or being dismissive of causes. In other words, we have a pharmaco-medical model that treats symptoms as if they were the diseases, that treats symptoms as if they are the problem. The symptoms may be problematic, in terms of how you live you life, but, as far as reversing the symptomatology, your diagnosis doesn't matter. The breakdowns in the body are always generic, and whether it shows up as osteoporosis or autoimmune disease or skin diseases or cancer, you're always going to see the same things underneath. If you want to reverse the disease state, it doesn't matter what the diagnosis is and it doesn't even matter what the symptomatology is. What matters is the cause. "

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What Do I Take?

What Do I Take?

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