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"Standard hormone replacement therapy and, so called, "bio identical hormone therapy" are not really advisable. That's because the hormone system is extremely potent and extremely tightly regulated. The body uses hormones and then eliminates hormones really quickly. They are used in the tiniest tiniest amounts; nanograms, billionths of a gram. We take even microgram doses, which are small doses of medicine, relatively speaking, and we are taking hundreds of thousands of times the amount of hormones that are in the bloodstream. "

While hormone replacement therapy can mask the symptoms of menopause or andropause, you're basically putting your foot down on the gas pedal in a system that is meant to fluctuate, when the actual cause is having no oil in the engine.

There are many ways to naturally stimulate your bodies hormone system. Loosing weight can have a significant effect on testosterone production, particularly for men. Cruciferous Vegetables like Broccoli and Sour Kraut can help balance hormones. Zinc helps with all hormones. Selenium has estrogen balancing effects.

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What Do I Take?

What Do I Take?

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Critical Health News

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