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Yet another study "proves", "vitamins are a waste of money" and several publications push the idea with inflammatory headlined articles. The only problem is, the study does not actually prove vitamins are a waste of money. While Ben and Jonty uncover many of the study's misleading aspects and possible areas of bias, the study's actual findings are far from conclusive.

Ben points out the difference between biochemistry and clinical chemistry, "In biochemistry, it's cut and dry. There are ways things work in biochemistry. There's no room for judgement. In statistics, there is room for judgement, bias or interpretation."

Ben provides some leading edge advice on how to decrease your risk of heart disease by improving your heart health.

Jonty unpacks some of the possible financial motivations for this study and the medical science community as a whole. "The supplement industry in the United States is sitting at about 30 billion dollars total (per year). The domestic pharmaceutical industry is about 450 billion dollars (per year) in the US. They spent as much on advertising as the entire nutritional supplement industry. The pharmaceutical industry spends about 20 billion dollars (per year) on research and clinical trials."

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What Do I Take?

What Do I Take?

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Critical Health News

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